Improving Health Through Pilates

Strengthen Your Core and Gain Flexibility

Adults don’t actually benefit from “Boot Camps”, “Jumpstarts”, or sudden intense workout programs. Without corrective focus on the exercises these classes are a breeding ground for injuries, misalignment, and a host of other setbacks that are discouraging (to say the least). Often these classes are taught by young folks with no background in accommodating pre-existing conditions. The concept of a sudden acceleration of fitness is attractive but the results of this practice are often undesirable.

Adults with fitness goals should always approach them from an “alignment first” perspective. They should be taught to protect their own alignment before they maximize their efforts. This “Learn before you Burn!” attitude is the reason the original Pilates system has stood the test of time. We produce people whose bodies not only look better now, but age better and become injured less frequently over time.

Adults with serious fitness goals should work with other adults who are extremely well trained and experienced. When you are ready to take on the challenging task of getting stronger without damaging yourself in the process, we have the skills and resources to give you that.